Hi guys

Ever since secret empire, I have this unexplained confusion and discomfort over Steve Rogers.

In Secret Empire, Steve Rogers was revealed to be a Hydra agent due to brainwashing by Red Skull and Kobik. Later on, we see a version of Rogers in a dark place along with the Red Skrull, who was killed by Hydra Cap. This place was revealed as Kobik's memory. At the end of the event, Kobik, along with other heroes managed to rescue the Rogers inside Kobik's Memory and defeat Hydra Supreme.

In my mind, the Rogers that defeat Hydra Supreme is Kobik's imaginary friend nothing more.

My question is this:

Who is the real Steve Rogers, Hydra Supreme or the one who beat him?

And was the Rogers inside Kobik's memory really an imaginary friend, or was it a real Rogers who is from the past?