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    Default Gen X Fans Rejoice: Intellivision Returns

    Intellivision is a classic, now underrated, 1980s era video game system. It competed with Atari and Coleco, until the Nintendo and Sega revolution.

    According to this, the plans are to have a new updated system for families in October of 2020. 18 months from now roughly.

    I really hope it's worth the wait.

    This Tommy Tallerico-- wow-- I didn't know that you could make big money off of "video game music" concerts. Wow. Well, kudos.

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    I had a friend who had one and vaguely remember playing some games on it. Other than the novelty of different games I don't recall it being that great. It'll probably be like the retro Atari 2600 system I bought for nostalgia sake and quickly only to realize that games really sucked back then. We just liked them because it was all we knew.

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