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    Quote Originally Posted by PetPigeon View Post
    What was the point of this book? Literally nothing happened.
    It was a character study on the cast of the book, but mostly X-Man. Explaining his intentions and motivations in much more depth than Disassembled could since the plot moved like a freight train.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anduinel View Post
    I suspect it was done this way largely because whatever the X-Office wanted to do to set the stage for Hickman just wouldn't work if all eleventy-billion X-Persons were in play. Less "Rosenberg couldn't use any of the big guns because they were in AoXM" and more "Rosenberg wanted to tell this story in UXM, and everyone else goes to AoXM".
    UXM, and the idea of making a book about Cyclops and Wolverine coming back at this time, was decided after AoXM.

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    This book has been the weakest of the entire series. I did not expect this to be so since the writers are the architects of the event. I think this book and the others had a lot of potential but they just missed the mark. Every issue felt the same. We were stuck in this ground hog days where very little pushed the story forward.

    I agree that it was supposed to be a character study for this team, but some of the characters still felt cold. X-23 was predictable, and same with Magneto and Storm. I'm not even sure what they were saying with Jean. She has been bland and just there for the most part.

    I just didn't connect with Nate Grey or this world. It did feel like filler and for the most part it was just 'eh'. I do think all the writers of these books are talented, but the series in it's totality (so far since it is not quite finished) just felt flat. The books could have had substance, and I felt like the ideas were there but the execution missed it by a wide margin.

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    I have actually found this event interesting because I can't connect to Nate at all. He's completely lost his mind, yet since he's hidden himself away in this own creepy little world, he can make all the justifications he wants. It's creepy, but you can see the logic, but it still feels so wrong.

    I think this event should have been a lot more weird and disturbing and the more I think about it, they really should have used Apocalypse more and really made him the "protagonist" right up until they made a point to show that, no, he's still crazy too.

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