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I'm beginning to think it was just them screwing up the panel because from the leak, it plays just fine. It's certainly not going gold just yet but it looks alright.

I'm beginning to think that Square Enix screwed up panel time since a dozen FF and JRPG's got announced rather than reading the room doing Avengers. Like it's the biggest franchise outside of Star Wars in the US and for that kind of audience, it's bizarre that they'd put a presentation into only FF7 (which was big here) and in an untested and derivative IP like Outriders.

I'm starting to think they simply didn't have enough time and able to get workable footage for the presentation since Avengers was at the tail end of the panel.
I think they focused on the wrong things to showcase for their presentation. If they actually showed gameplay it could have quelled a lot of the negativity about the designs and models. I know I'm more interested in the type of game we're getting instead of trying to make it look like Uncharted.