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    Ghost Rider.

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    I think a consistent supporting character cast and home town would be wonderful for her have. I've liked several of the casts she'd had, but don't know that I'm really attached except Steve and Etta. Seniority has its privileges. Steve would capable, strong, intelligent, and have his own career, too. I want him a well-written equal-partner in their relationship, just like I want Lois Lane to be for Clark.

    I like Cassie and Helena, but (aside from Cassie getting her powers) don't think they have to be in the same city. They can be - I was fine with that when I read it. It's just not absolutely necessary to me. Maybe if you want to have Diana do the fight-training.

    Donna should move on once she's grown and only occasionally show up in Diana's book (and Diana in hers). I'm big on young heroes growing up to be independent and not remaining adjunct or supporting cast for their predecessors.

    I liked Vanessa in preboot land, but don't really know how I'd play her role if Steve and Etta were more involved in Diana's daily life when she first leaves Themyscira.

    Also fond of Ferdinand, but not sure how I'd utilize the character if no proper embassy.

    Don't like Jason because Diana being child of Zeus doesn't work for me. I don't see the need for her to have any equally powerful counterpart around all the time. Other heroes don't usually have that. Reworking that relationship, maybe with a recurring character, but I've no desire for it.

    If she does have to have a father, she did not get powers from him, but rather has them just the same as other Amazons. He is irrelevant to her, even if she learns of him. She knows whose daughter she is, and that's Hippolyta's. That's who raised her and helped shape her into who she is. Still don't want her to have a father, though.
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    How I'd handle Diana's cast:

    Get Steve Trevor out of the military (just taking a simple discharge works fine). Have him work as a pilot on humanitarian and other civilian high-risk missions, and still have him retain some connections with the US State Department or similar. You can still have a backdoors military connection via Colonel Darnell.

    We need fun, happy, boisterous Etta Candy back! The way that Wilson used Maggie showed the need for such a character around Diana. She also does not need to be as one-note as Marston wrote her, as movie Etta showed.

    I never was that fond of Ferdinand in the way Rucka wrote him, but Wilson showed that there is potential with the character. But I think he has to be handled with care and a combination of humour and respect. He can be used to give another angle on the superhero world, as a supernatural being who is just a normal guy.

    One character I'd love to see more of is Hoppy Greene, and having her and Ferdinand work together sounds like a match made at Taco Whiz. Both care a lot about helping others and about food.

    Not sure about the Kapatelis and the Sandsmarks, because they are similar concept-wise to each other (scholarly moms with super-powered kids).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjn View Post
    Not sure about the Kapatelis and the Sandsmarks, because they are similar concept-wise to each other (scholarly moms with super-powered kids).
    For the Kapatelis women, I'd like the current set up to be revealed as Julia still being alive and it all being a scheme cooked up by Dr. Psycho to manipulate Vanessa. And then write the respectfully out of the book.

    I liked them in the Perez run, more so in my last re-read of some of the trades, and they are essential there. I'm not sure how necessary they are any longer though. The Sandsmarks could be used in their place, with the bonus of Cassie being Wonder Girl. And Barbara Minerva covered a lot of Julia's role in the re-worked origin.

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    It’s one of her biggest weakness and I hate it. Speaking of, does she have any villain or arch nemesis that challenges her on her stance as a champion of women? I mean, like, has DC ever explored a Wondy villain that’s like how Kilgrave is for Jessica Jones? I think that’d be interesting, uncomfortable, etc.

    Would make for a good story imo.
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    If we had to get at least three characters that appear in any of her runs

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    The bad is that there's never been any deep, meaningful development of her varied, ever-changing cast and supporting characters in the way that only time spent with them for years can achieve. Perez is probably the closest to having achieved this with Julia and Vanessa Kapatelis.

    The good is that there's a huge trove of interesting characters for a writer(s) to weave into a Wonder tapestry, should any of them get around to doing it and approaching Wonder Woman from a integrative POV.

    (It's precisely what I'm trying to do in my Wonder Woman Series Bible Thingee - making room for Steve and Etta, the Kapatelises, the Sandsmarks, the Holliday Girls, Ed Indelicato, Ferdinand, ARGUS, Mala, Io, Nu'Bia, Mike Schorr, General Blankenship, Achilles Warkiller, Myndi and Kevin Mayer, Trevor Barnes, etc. to stand side-by-side with Diana and not only interact and make relationships with her, but also each other.)

    I could be a rich, immersive, meaningful, dynamic, and <ahem> wonderful playground for the characters if DC ever gets around to doing it. (Call me DC!)

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