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    Default If You Were To Base The Imprint On The New Teen Titans Generation...

    How would you go about it?

    What characters would lead their own titles?

    What would the main Titans roster be?

    What would the books be about?

    Who would write and draw?

    I don't really want to get into the argument of whether or not the Titans brand or the original sidekick generation as a whole is sustainable to hold it's own imprint. Frankly I don't care about the matter. Just let your imagination run wild.

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    Yikes. I meant "Base AN Imprint" not "Base The"

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    I would probably make this imprint in a way that's similar to the Young Animal line, or Bendis' Wonder Comics. Containing of a handful of ongoing and a miniseries from time to time, I would probably use this to relaunch the Titans franchise as a whole.

    Nightwing: Written by Judd Winick and Illustrated by Scott McDaniel, this series would focus on Dick trying to get his life back together after the chaos of the "Ric Grayson" arc. Continues numbering from the previous Nightwing book.

    Flash: Written by Sam Humphries and Illustrated by Howard Porter, this series would begin after Doomsday Clock and would be a story about Wally trying to find the rest of the Flash Family. This series would also more legitimitly re-introduce Linda Park.

    Beast Boy/Cyborg: Written by Marv Wolfman and Illustrated by Ivan Reis, this is a more humerous buddy cop style book about Vic and Gar, working together again on a mission after several years.

    New Titans: Written by Dan Abnett and Marv Wolfman, along with Illustrations by Brett Booth, this is intended to be a follow-up to the previous Titans series, in a somewhat similar way as NTT itself: Dick, Wally, Donna, Gar, Raven and Vic battling aliens, this time alongside the Justice League Odyssey. They get Kori to join them and form a new Titans group. The larger plot this time is that Mr. Twister is working in the background, trying to get his vengeance on all the Titans (for events seen in Titans Hunt #8).
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    ^Flash should be called Wally West: The Flash, because of Barry's book.

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    I wouldn't just make it a New Teen Titans imprint but one based on all the legacy characters of a similar age. That means both of the earlier versions of the Teen Titans, as well as the likes of Kyle Rayner, Linda Danvers and Conner Hawke. I would also move Zatanna to the Titans as a bridge between the JLA and Titans. She's a legacy character that all too often gets lost in the JLA mix that would fit better as the very slightly older sister of the Titans generation.

    I would make it like the other pop up imprints with a main team book and a couple of other ongoings surrounded by maxis and minis. I would make Titans something like JLU in terms of select members for missions but would get back to the soap opera roots with a large cast, including the TT/NTT and the three mentioned above at the very least. It would be character-driven with a sense of humour - not too dissimilar to the early issues of JLI with short story arcs but long character arcs. It would primarily be about seeing these great and often very different characters interacting with one another.

    Also, for reasons, I'm only going with creators not currently involved with the other imprints, including Bendis' unofficial Superman imprint. Also, no solo Nightwing book as that still belongs to the Batman line.

    The main ongoing Titans book, written and drawn by Stepan Sejic. (comedy/ soap opera)
    Wally West: Flash (ongoing) by Jeff Parker and Evan Shaner (character-driven, classic superhero)
    Kyle Rayner: Green Lantern (maxiseries) by Tom King and Mitch Gerads (Omega Men sequel with a moratorium on PTSD)
    Supergirls: Linda/ Kara/ Powergirl (ongoing) by Peter David and Emanuela Lupacchino (comedy/ drama centred on the interactions between the three leads)
    No, really, Who is Donna Troy? (mini) by Mark Russell and Amanda Conner (meta-comedy/ satire)
    Zatanna (maxiseries) by Grant Morrison and Ryan Sook (an expansion on their Seven Soldiers mini - some comedy, mainly character-driven drama, the darkest but most mystical book in the line)

    Most of the actual, traditional Titans characters (Cyborg, Beast Boy, Red Arrow, Raven, etc) I would keep in Titans and as the core seven (?) of that group. They simply work way better in a team setting.
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    As other says, make it the 20'something line for later millenials:

    Titans -- Adult Titans, one of the franchise books.

    Nightwing -- Self explanatory. Similar to his current book.

    Nightwing & Batman -- Because there hasn't been a Dick and Bruce book since Batman & Robin. Book still focuses on their relationship and when they work cases together. Nightwing is now first because he's the "lead". Plus Sales.

    Booster & Beetle -- Not really Titans, but age appropriate and long overdue. Could possibly lead into a Superbuddies team up book.

    Outsiders -- Also the Titans generation (age wise) and a throwback to when NTT and BATO ran at the same time. Focus on Black Lightning, Katana, Geo Force, Looker and some of the older Outsiders, but some of the next generation could be there too.

    Power Girl -- She likely would have been a Titan if there were no Infinity Inc. type book to put her in. She could still end up joining the team but I loved her solo book.

    Cyborg -- Serves as a liaison to the JL and the younger group.

    Possible Mini-Series: Bumblebee, Beast Boy/Cyborg, Green Lantern/Flash (Kyle and Wally, pretending Wally isn't temporarily ruined), Titans West, Titans: Incarnations (History of the Titans teams from the new 52 era)

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    A solo book for Wally that isn't written by Lobdell

    Give Priest either Titans or Nightwing, or both if he's down. Preferably the former, because the whole franchise, not just Dick, needs a shot in the arm in the worst way. Offer Nightwing back to Seeley if he wants it and don't force him to write about Bludhaven or anything from the Dixon era and let him go nuts with the Morrison concepts and whatever else he feels like. Williamson could write the Wally solo.

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    I would name the imprint Adventure Comics with the following titles:
    Nightwing: Christopher Priest/Trevor Moore
    Putting the "Ric" persona behind him and moving his life forward as a private investigator with his girl friday Lillith.
    Donna Troy: Peter David/Emanuella Lupacchino
    Settling once and for all who is Donna Troy and building her life as an international photographer and globe trotting hero from there.
    Wally West: Flash: Jeff Parker/Brett Booth
    Wally West decides how best he can live with the events from Heroes in Crisis....or does he? The fastest man alive begins taking steps to right he things he did wrong in his life...first stop...Arsenal.
    Arsenal: Tim Seeley/Nicola Scott
    Everyone thought Roy Harper was dead, but he is obviously very much alive so he sets out to find himself and figure out where he belongs in the world.
    Titans: Cullen Bunn/Sarah Pichelli
    Nightwing, Flash, Donna long friends and heroes who have recently suffered greatly due to forces outside their control. They look to take care of the world not by stopping the extraterrestrial invasions or the next cosmic event, but by protecting the people on the street, stopping those things that might fall too small for the big guns to fight and bringing along some of their best friends to do it: Beast Boy, Raven, Steel, Hawk, Dove, Bumblebee, Guardian and whomever else they find along the way. A group of friends with a common goal... to make the world a better place.
    Mini series would include:
    Guardian & the Bee: Gail Simone/Alitha Martinez
    When people in their small neighborhood start disappearing and reappearing with completely different personalities, the Guardian and Bumblebee take notice.
    Argent: Steve Orlando/Fiona Avery
    Wealthy Italian socialite wakes up one morning to discover her life is a lie...her father sold her out to an alien race to become a sleeper agent to help them take over the earth, Toni must now stop her father, prevent an alien invasion and find others like herself...if the Titans dont decide she is the alien menace herself.
    Hawk & Dove: Tim Seeley/Dexter Soy
    A new drug has found it's way onto the streets of New York City, one that opens the users minds up to a near limitless potential...if they live long enough and it's up to Hawk & Dove to find out where it's coming from and how to stop it.

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