So I'm a BIG Mark Millar fan. Millar is such a big writer that there are a lot more noticeable articles and such on our favorite fanboy websites BECAUSE he's such a big writer. That can NOT be avoided. Anyway. For a few years, I kept passing by a Top Cow Comics trade written by Mark Miller named Wanted. Yes the same Wanted that was made into a movie starring James McAvoy, Morgon Freeman, and Angela Jolie. The trade HANDS DOWN had one of the coolest covers to it. Drawn by J.G. Jones, the cover was of Weslety Gibson in his gas mask suit. I had asked the comic store owner if he had ever read it, and the owner told me this. "Yes I have. I own it. I've read it multiple times. I HIGHLY recommend buying and here is why. First off, when you sit down and read it in one shot, you're going to to think it's great, because it simply is, but there's a catch. Read the book, and try to pick up on the very very obvious one thing about it that you're going to miss and get mad about when I tell you what it is later on. It's THAT obvious, and NO, the illustrations of famous people that you'll notice ARE NOT IT." so I bought the book. I went home and loved it. I DID noticed that Halle Berry was the FOX, and that Wesley Gibson looked a LOT like rapper Eminem, who was peaking at the time, was Wesley Gibson. It took a few days, and I never went into the store, but I called the comics store owner and asked him what it was that I was missing and he told me. "It's a MULTIVERSE STORY!!" Now Infinate Crisis had literally just completed by Geoff Johns with D.C.. and he the multi-verse was brought back, so it was GREAT coincidence of my reading WANTED at the time. Any way. I asked him what he meant. He then tells me this. "Well you know how around issue 3 or 4, the starring villains of the book invade some parallel world of theirs, and all they come back with is Kryptonite condom, well that made it a multi-verse story, and that's the first sign, but if you look closer, WANTED is actually a story about Superman's rogues going to war against Batman's rogues. Now that I just told you this, you're going to get really pissed off at obvious hints you've been missing. The familiar and horribly re-named characters. The Avian instead of the Penguin. The Puzzler instead of the Riddler. Fuckwit replacing Bizzaro. Shithead instead of Clayface. It's a MULTI-VERSE story about Lex Luther going against the Joker in a gangland mobster war story. It's why when the Villains got together and killed all the heroes, they split the world up like the mafia did decades ago to New York, and spilt up the 5 Burroughs." I was floored. He was right. Now the book itself, the villains inside the book are drawn as some of the most popular characters we all know, but they're colored differently. The most OBVIOUS example is of The Frightener. An Obvious amalgam of the Scarecrow from Batman. The character is actually drawn EXACTLY like Venom, but instead of being BLACK, he's green. You read this story then and wonder how Millar got away with doing this, then you see the guest drawn covers in the back of the trade. Bendis actually drew one, Jae Lee drew one, and the president of Marvel at the time Joe Qusada drew one as well. It was a total homage, and not meant to be a rip off. In fact, Mark Millar did a great piece of marketing for the book. He wrote that the movie was being discussed to be made into a movie, and that Eminem was asked to star in the movie. Eminem confirmed that he was asked, but he never said yes or no, but Mark Millar made it sound like because he was asked, that he had SAID yes, and had J.G. Jones draw the character to resemble Eminem, and that's a great marketing trick. Here's the thing. Millar has used the idea of villains taking over after beating the heroes more then once. He did it with Wanted, but he did it also with Old Man Logan. Another thing people don't know about the book, is that it's a story about Deadshot, or at least Deadshots kid who has the same powers. The book is great, it's Lex vs the Joker, it's an adult story, and the dialogue reflects that. I'd like to see from anyone who has read Wanted thinks the other villains are supposed to be tho.