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    Default How Do People Feel About Deadpool's More Mainstream Approach?

    This is mostly speaking to those people that were fans of the character before he started making film appearances.

    In the 90's, it seemed like there was more of an attempt to spotlight Deadpool as a victim of extreme mental illness. Wade still had his witticisms and irreverent humor, but this was more of a way for him to hide his constant pain. Nowadays, it seems like the mental illness angle is completely gone. Ever since the early 2010's, writers have taken the approach of making him be a walking meme. He has a schtick of being very campy and making jokes that other heroes aren't allowed to make.

    I'm not saying the way he's written now is bad, but I would like to hear how others feel about his more flaunderized, contemporary portrayal.

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    i stopped liking him when he became Bugs Bunny.
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    I actually think that Deadpool being this explicitly fourth-wall breaking Looney Tunes character is what separates and distinguishes him. And I think that's the best way forward. It's not something that's typical of a conventional superhero story which in most features Deadpool is but he's able to flip that around in a way that's atypical of superhero comics but common in humor and other funny comics.

    So I think they should keep that. I also think that maybe you could do a kid friendly version of Deadpool too. Because the fourth-wall breaking stuff and so on can work with Deadpool more than other characters.

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    Needs a little more crying clown, but honestly, it brought him to the dance being the insane superhero loser that every so often pulls off either the moral high ground or the big win.

    and sometimes his screw ups is when he forgets how well trained he is and a lot of his allies aren't (ex. deadpool 2's parajump where he shows he really is a super experienced jumpmaster but nobody else was).

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    He has became too cartoony for me. For me, Deadpool work when you balance his humor with his pain. Now, he is just an invincible clown.
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