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    Default Event Leviathan and WW-verse

    The lead up to Event Leviathan in Superman and Action Comics has been very solid. I'm not quite sure how much involvement Wonder Woman will have in the main event, but she does have a brief appearance in the Leviathan Rising special.

    Some spoilers ahead for Event Leviathan #1:









    The first issue opens up with Lois Lane and Batman in the ruins of an ARGUS building. The two of them exchange and summarize all that's happened in the lead up to this moment.

    Their exchange is interrupted after they spot a shell-shocked Steve Trevor in the debris. His working relationship with/at ARGUS is intact. He recounts the moments leading up to the destruction of the ARGUS building, which includes the appearance of the Leviathan Destroyer who encapsulates Steve in a force field of some sort. He is the only known survivor of the attack.

    The three of them deduce (actually, it was Steve who calls it) that the survivors are notable for being possible Leviathan candidates in order to sow discord and confusion and to give the real Leviathan time to execute his/her plan. At this point, shell-shocked and paranoid, Steve decides he can't trust Lois or Batman and shoots at them (terrible shots really; he only dings Lois in the arm).

    A green taser arrow comes flying in and knocks Steve out. Green Arrow tells Steve to stay down. The unstunned trio decide to call in the best detectives to put all the pieces in play before Levithan's plan comes to fruition. The Question is lurking in the shadows and it all fades to black.

    For me, a pretty intriguing issue. I was pleasantly surprised to see Steve Trevor pop up and have a fairly substantial role in the first issue. While no reference was made to Wonder Woman, it was just solid to see part of her 'Verse included in a big event. That said, I am not sure how I feel about his paranoid/shell-shocked reaction to shoot at Lois or Batman; or that he was such a bad shot.

    I'm definitely on board for Event Leviathan. I hope that WWverse will have more substantial roles to play.

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    This wouldn’t be a Superman event if it didn’t crap on Wonder Woman & her verse

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    Quote Originally Posted by VonHammersmark View Post
    This wouldn’t be a Superman event if it didn’t crap on Wonder Woman & her verse
    So damn true. That's why I'm avoiding this nonsense. I cannot stand post Rebirth Superman and his ilk.

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