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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal View Post
    No but I like to think that his team would be smart enough to step in and make the call for him.
    His crew is Scientologist underlings. They're not gonna say anything unless he wants them to.
    "... and when the Golden Toad started to sing, there was no turning back." - grampagen (Ochazuke)

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    I dont know that I can live in a world where I actually have to back Justin Bieber.

    In a fight no less.
    "I know you're in there Banner; I'll get you out"
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    Great post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harbinger19 View Post
    InB4 Bruce Lee one-inch punches Bieber’s nosebone through his brain stem.


    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh View Post
    You monster, what have you done.

    Sharp is going to come in here and sic Ms. AndPointies on us now. She tore my face tentacles off the last time we met.
    You burst through the front door! O_o

    Quote Originally Posted by master of read View Post
    you have invoked the name of sharp's wife.

    you have doomed us all.
    No, no, hurting me with martial arts stuff is all good. It's the kidnapping and 'you are now in a death scenario' stuff to which she objects. ^_^
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    Tom Cruise would cripple Justin.

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