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    Default Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man #7

    No thread yet for this issue (actually not much convo on this series as a whole here which probably doesn't bode well for the future of the title) but I think this is one of the stronger issues for this series and that's actually 2 good issues in a row after a weak opening arc. Always good to see The Prowler and this issue also brings together Aunt May (whose new status quo was introduced in the first issue of this series and then put on the back burner for 5 issues), Marnie from the subterranean dwellers story and the return of FEAST---with appearances by Randy Robertson and Fred Myers as well. Good, solid pacing and finally a sense of cohesiveness for this title----let's see if this title can get it's footing and survive now.
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    *3 good issues in a row.

    And yes, this issue was great! I loved the character May had and how strong she is considering the circumstances. Also, MJ appeared! She's barely been in this series. I'm curious what's going down with the Prowler: I wonder if he's working against those corporate stooges. Also Boomerang is too much fun haha
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    Bought this on a whim because of Prowler's appearance, but I was bummed that he didn't really appear until the end.

    -Pav, who'll probably buy next issue as well...
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