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    Default Could Ironman, Black Panther, or Hulk WITH PREP defeat Hellbat Armor Batman ?

    Batman is in hellbat armor. No BFR.

    Could any the 3 super geniuses with 1 day prep defeat him?
    They have to face him in the arena after they are done prepping.
    If yes, what if Batman has no time limit /life force limit on Hellbat use? Any difference?

    If none of them can defeat him, what is the weakest Avenger that could?

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    With one day of one-sided prep, any of the three could do it. Their science levels are just fine for that.
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    What kind of feats does the Hellbat armor have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by big_adventure View Post
    With one day of one-sided prep, any of the three could do it. Their science levels are just fine for that.
    Even Banner? His best stuff is usually portrayed as force fields and what not. Unlike the other guys here, he usually doesn't have access to huge resources, labs or even his old gear.

    Like, 18 of his 24 hours would be spent traveling across whatever chunk of Nevada he is in currently in to even REACH his stashed stuff. ;P

    I can see Tony or BP winning with some sort of heavy duty EMP or hacking. Technically the Hellbat has no feats for resisting that stuff. I suppose you could argue it is magical in origin and not proper silicone though
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    Stark yes, Panther yes, Banner no.

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    Stark developed a Phoenix Buster (granted it didnít work) and Panther has been involved in a lot of super science shenanigans. This guys could conceivably develop something to counter the Hell Bat.

    Iím not so sure about Banner. Heís rarely been able to settle down to invent stuff so itís really difficult to say.

    EDIT: Are we talking the recent Cosmic Batman armor or the original Hell Bat?
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    Oh good lord, Batman got a new suit of power armor? What is he up to now, three?

    I'm referring to the reference to some new cosmic armor suit. The Hellbat armor I know from.

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