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    Quote Originally Posted by CRaymond View Post
    Snoop Dogg’s fun and I live for the times she breaks character and lets the nerd out.
    Snoop Dogg is a she?
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    What a great thread, thanks to all the people who mentioned me, that's very kind!

    TheCape is the nicest person I've met on this board, he will always be optimist and really nice with everyone, that's amazing! He always brings so much positivity in every threads and especially in the Wolverine appreciation thread, this thread wouldn't be the same without him. I miss our cooking theories and our Metal Gear talk though lol, and thank you for the kind words man you also make this place much more enjoyable and I hope things will get better for you soon!

    GylT'Nav is such a nice person too, I miss the theories he wrote last year about Logan's return it was amazing and much more interesting that what we've got lol.

    nadler doesn't post anymore too, I miss him, he was amazing and he knew so much stuff about the X-Men and Chris Claremont, it was always so great to speak with him.

    Most of the Wolverine fans I've met on this board are also really nice such as Mr Abductor, WeaponX, Jackraow21, The_Phenom2893, The Kid and many more, it's a shame that both berserkerclaw and biswaboxz don't post anymore. I hope they will come back when the Wolverine ongoing will be announced.

    I'm not posting a lot outside of the Wolverine appreciation thread, but I'm still following some discussions and several people always make those discussions really fun:

    PrezValentine, phoenixzero23 and TheDeadSpace are really friendly people and I always enjoy their posts about Cyclops, Jean and recent X-Men issues.

    Snoop Dogg is a blessing, no matter the thread he will always make things entertaining and funny!

    MarvelMaster616 is always full of positivity and know so much stuff about the X-Men!

    Silver Fang, is someone I always enjoy talking to especially in the Sabretooth appreciation thread, she has an amazing knowledge of Sabretooth history.

    Sungila and yogaflame I like their posts, they always provide an interesting view!

    I miss Heroine Addict, I always love his posts.

    Special mention to 616MarvelYear is LeapYear for posting so many recaps and panels, it makes every appreciation threads even better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 616MarvelYear is LeapYear View Post
    Thanks! Too bad I didn't see it yesterday.

    I appreciate 616MarvelYear is LeapYear for always giving me birthday wishes every year.

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    Sometimes I think about God and I see Tenebrae.
    heroine addict we love you come back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snoop Dogg View Post
    Sometimes I think about God and I see Tenebrae.
    Easily twice as good as Fivebrae.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fokken View Post
    Yer bonkers and you need a sandwich.

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