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    Default Leia Organa gets possessed by Ultraman Belial... TWISTED!

    After being seemingly "destroyed" by Ultraman Geed, the spirit of the most evil Ultra, Belial, wanders the multiverse.

    Lo and behold, he stumbles through time and ends up a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Sensing a being nearby who has the potential for greatness, he slips into the mind of a youthful(15 y.o.) sleeping princess and offers her...power.

    Unfortunately its Leia Organa's brain he now inhabits.

    And in their first conversation, she declares that if he sticks with her, he'll eventually come around to her way of thinking and turn his life around.

    His counter-offer is that if she can't? Her consciousness will eventually fade away in 20 years, her body will become the new vessel of Belial, and he will return to life(this is seriously not good...)

    Of course he's an arrogant bastard too, so for the next 20 years? Leia can "borrow" his power to do with as she wishes; the Fusion Rise between him and Leia causes Belial to come back to life temporarily for 3 minutes, with Leia as the dominant personality!

    The problem?

    If Leia uses more than Belial's normal powers, her time limit will shorten! Like so...

    -Anything up to Kaiser Belial, there will be no time penalty.
    -If she goes as far as Arch Belial(Belialzilla) her time limit will reduce by one month.
    -If she chooses to go all-out Belial Atrocious, her mind-death will come up to six months closer!

    BUT! If she can change Belial's heart, a new Ultraman will emerge and they will either choose to remain a hybrid being, or separate.

    Can Leia do it?

    And what happens to the galaxy a long time ago, and far, far away?
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