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    Default Alternatives to the Hyperdrive?

    Many years ago when the CUSWE encyclopedia still existed on the they had an entry where scientists were called upon to find alternatives to the hyperdrive for faster than light travel. I know that the Gossam had the Tumbledrive and you can always use hypergates or wormholes; but what could a scientist use in place of a hyperdrive to move FTL? A warp drive is Star Trek and believe it or not; sometimes in Star Wars Legends; the hyperdrive was refereed to as a warp drive (no joke).

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    Yeah, the Warp drive thing was in the very early Marvel days when it was pretty much the only new Star Wars thing out there.

    There's actually an issue where there's a cyborg and he's mostly called a "Borg". Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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