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  • Terminator

    19 32.20%
  • Robocop

    3 5.08%
  • Alien

    4 6.78%
  • Predator

    3 5.08%
  • Die Hard

    3 5.08%
  • Jurassic Park

    5 8.47%
  • Star Wars

    13 22.03%
  • Total Recal

    0 0%
  • Evil Dead

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  • X-Men

    9 15.25%
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    Question Which once loved franchise has been damaged the most through remakes/sequels?

    It's not surprising that so many studios have tried to make money of older IP, but it's also frustrating that so many of the franchises that were so liked have now been tarnished. I know the argument is that it shouldn't reflect the love of the originals, but it does to me. I feel like Back to the Future is the only one that hasn't been ruined.

    As much as I don't like a lot of these movies, there is something about the cheapness and trashiness of the new Terminator movies that feel so much worse compared to the others. It doesn't seem like they were made by professionals. I also didn't include The Matrix because they all came out around the same time. For this poll I was thinking specifically of franchises that were spread out over many years.


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    Never saw the Terminator, Robocop, Alien, Predator, Die Hard, Total Recall, or Evil Dead movies, so I can't comment on them.

    Personally, I think Jurassic Park and Star Wars have weathered the problems of keeping the sequels good quite well. JP3 is the only actual bad movie of its series (and even then, I've seen worse) and while the Star Wars prequels are contentious, Disney has been killing it with Solo being the only true disappointment. X-Men has been all over the place and I do think that it's sad that it's last few movies lead the series to end on a whimper instead of a bang (although I don't really get the hate for stuff like Apocalypse or Dark Phoenix; both were perfectly fine for what they were).
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    Terminator and Star Wars are the worst offenders for me.

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    Terminator used to be great, but only with the first 2 films, or maybe it was because I was a kid when I watched them. I don't remember much about the Sarah Conner Chronicles, but since I don't remember it too well it didn't leave much of an impression.

    I really enjoyed Logan, but otherwise I don't bother with X-men films anymore, there are just way too many and they keep messing the continuity.

    Jurassic World is meh. I still watch Star Wars, but haven't seen Solo because my schedule was too busy at the time so I missed it.

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    It always used to be accepted that any sequel at all would be a lazy cash-in, so Terminator and Alien were already well ahead of the game by having one good sequel. Die Hard 2 and 3 were ok, but after that it’s not even recognisably Die Hard anymore. Star Wars was obviously always conceived as a long running saga, but the production values on the original trilogy were unprecedented for that type of movie at the time, and the prequels showed that the lightning-in-a-bottle quality of those would not be recreated as the butter of the series began to spread out over way too bread.

    With most of these, it’s a bit depressing when you see a trailer with a bunch of TV actors and a cameo from a now-one-hundred-year-old Arnold, but it’s only the good old movies you’re ever going to put on the blu-ray after the pub.

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    No Highlander?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somecrazyaussie View Post
    No Highlander?
    I'm curious, which aspect of Highlander do you not like? There are many to choose from.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Somecrazyaussie View Post
    No Highlander?
    Highlander is weird because it sequels tried to be a sequels to the original film while ignoring all other sequels. Personally I like Highlander 2 on it's own cool Sci-Fi concept and Michael Ironside as a villain is pure joy. Highlander 3 was OK but felt very VOD and Endgame is my favorite sequel for one remembering Rachel and I was a fan of the TV series. The Source is just bad IMO and the worst.

    Worst to me is Reeve Superman films because while I enjoy all on some level the franchises went from one of the great films of all time IMO to a lesser film, to camp, and ending with something that looked like a DTV film.

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