this is minoru suzuki

he is one of the founding fathers of modern day MMA, leader of suzuki gun, and considered by many to be the most terrifying man in pro wrestling. a lethal striker, a technical master, insanely tough and completely sadistic. everyone in japan and around the world knows how damn scary he is but it seems that WWE fans are clueless to him.

so how about we pit the king against the best WWE has to offer? suzuki will face every member of the active roster from the lowest jobbers to the champions in a series of one on one matches, standard match rules. no outside interference. no weapons. just a straight up match. he will rest between each bout. who can he beat? who can't he beat? and how badly does he kill brock lesner?

here is a small sample of what this guy can do: an extended chop battle against the best wrestler in the world.