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    Default MCU Professor Hulk VS MCU Ancient One... going on a date. :p

    Like it says on the tin.

    Seeing as how there _might_ have been something there, in this scenario Bruce decides to go with Cap back to the past, return the time stone, and at the same time ask the Ancient One out on a date post-IW, just for lols.

    -Can Bruce get her to go out with him?

    -AND, if he can, how well(or badly...) do they get along?

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    On some weird level involving pestering, I think he could get her to go out for lunch with him. But I think they would just talk right by each other because their worlds are completely different and both be glad it was over. I think she was impressed with him because he so obviously did not want to take the gem by force or hurt anyone. She's probably used to facing opponents who will resort to reason only after brute force fails. He's one of the "ultimates" when it comes to having brute force but doesn't want to use it.

    On the other hand, he's demonstrated an amazing ability to attract women who seem either out of his league or so different they shouldn't be interested.
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    she, like nattie, would see him for who he is, instead of what the world sees him to be. banner would, in turn, be interested in magic since he seemed into it when he saw strange and wong throwing magic around.

    hmmmm, i can see them developing a deep and personal friendship but nothing more really. i don't think TAO would be interested in romance. at least not in this life.

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