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    Default A Dalek vs Terminator earth

    A Dalek finds itself alone on earth during the height of the human/Skynet war. Being indifferent to the differences between the inferior species called "human" and the inferior species called "Skynet" it begins massacring both. Can earth beat the Dalek?

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    As with all Dalek things, it REALLY depends on the Dalek. The Eccleston and early Tennant ones are functionally invincible here and can probably just delete Skynet in about two seconds as soon as they get any kind of access. Or find a wall outlet and shut off its entire power grid. Once you hit the point where the series forgot they had shields, the Daleks come off a lot worse on the individual scale. There's no evidence that they lost their hacking ability or suck-up-the-entire-power-grid ability, but they sure seem to have forgotten about them. Then there's older versions and other new versions I'm not familiar with, and their individual power levels seem to fluctuate with every appearance even though as a whole they still tend to do ridiculously large scale things.

    Anyway, shorter answer is: Higher end Dalek performances obliterate Skynet within minutes. Mid-low end ones probably take out a bunch of terminators and eventually get nuked or just blown up with a missile or something.

    Oh and the humans are basically a non-factor except against the REALLY low end Daleks.
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    Sounds about right to me.
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