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    Quote Originally Posted by kane View Post
    I have played alle GoW games. They are entertaining but in my opinion less fun than the Bungie Halo games. The world buliding and the background story are interesting, but I think the gameplay can be quite repetitive sometimes.
    Yea and the Shooting mechanics are clunky af. Well I dont know that. The controls might respond that way to try to add some more difficulty I dont know. But games like COD or Destiny atleats for me are way smoother in that department

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    I want master chief to marry cortana... You know like those asian people who marry to anime characters or something. lol

    what i get from Halo btw... I only played the first game way back then at a pc and it felt like the covenant was the eastern civilisation, you know like xerxies's army, gather from all kinds of eastern people, and they were really religious, so like the current middle east and stuff... And these spartan soldiers are the last defence between middle eastern aliens and christian (that main menu chuch music) western world which was human civilisation in the game... lol way to go you little brained microsoft... lol

    Playing it was like that south park episode... you know japanese make a pokemon game to brain wash american children to bomb to pearl harbor... lol i was like kill the middle eastern aliens... screw their religon, it's wrong !!! kill them all !!! save the western civilisation humanity !!!! hahahaha i'm a middle eastern btw... lol
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