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    Default How much stronger is Spider-man in his "Spider Armor Mk. 4"?

    I think officially, Spider-man is said to be able to 'press lift' anywhere from 10 to 25 tons.

    But in a fight, Doctor Octavious claimed that he had measured Spider-man's strength level and he should not be able to break apart / defeat his tentacles. But Spider-man easily breaks them apart and replies that his new Mk. 4 Spider Armor enhances his strength allowing him to break them.

    ...Or at-least the fight went something like that. I don't exactly remember though since I'm working off of memory here.vidmate mobdro word counter

    Anyway, how much stronger does the Mk. 4 Suit make Spider-man?
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    Spider-Man's strength varies depending on the writer. Any in-universe estimate made by writers is simply stuff-to-make-their-story work, is easy to ignore and not intended to stick or really be taken seriously.

    If a writer is involved in Spider-Man making special suits and so on, they'll do stuff like that. If a writer wants Spider-Man to defeat people in his red-and-blues he will do that as well.

    Spider-Man is strong enough to lift several tons of machinery, that weigh more than 10-25 tons, he can and has been able to fight whole groups and small armies of thugs. Something like 25-30 people and so on. He has fought Morlun who is in Thor's weight class, Mr. Hyde (ditto), Juggernaut (ditto), Firelord (ditto) as well as Venom and Carnage.

    Some writers however nerf Spider-Man so they have him go down against glorified thugs like Kingpin, but other writers have Peter wailing on Big Willie until he cries for Vanessa cause Peter's a badass.

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    The armor gave Peter a pretty significant strength boost, although it wasn't as impressive as the durability boost given by the armor. You can find a list of feats for the armor here.
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