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    Default The character you know

    For your collection of Superman:

    Do you get every issue or do you have only the issues that fit/make the character you know?

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    Moreso I go by what I like and those stories don't really require anything on my part to fit. Which is a shot in the dark because when you buy it's typically too late. Maybe I can sell off a stinker or take it in stride. I feel like if you haven't phoned in at least one story then you haven't written enough, so I do have some off issues from my favorites that I make peace on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boltmonster View Post
    For your collection of Superman:

    Do you get every issue or do you have only the issues that fit/make the character you know?
    I'm sorry, sometimes Im rather dense and I'm not sure what you're asking.

    Do you mean "do we buy every issue or just the ones that fit our idea of what the character/s should be?"

    Because I buy the issues I enjoy. I have no problem dropping a title if I'm not having fun with it. Maybe the writer has a view similar to my own of the character, but the stories just aren't entertaining or the execution isn't there. Or maybe the writer really doesn't get the character at all to such a degree that I can't enjoy it, even if the execution is there. Lots of reasons for me to drop a book. Sometimes I just feel the need to cull my pull list and it has nothing to do with the book itself. Im also willing to stick with a book even if the writer is "off" with the character. Tomasi, for example, didn't write a totally "correct" Superman in my opinion, but he was close enough and wrote entertaining stories so it was worth keeping up with (at least until the Manchester Black stuff ended, then it went downhill).

    As far as understanding a character, I try to follow basic literary analysis theory. I try to go by what's on the page and what history/precedent tell us, rather than what I "want" the character to be. Sometimes, as I learn more about a character, that forces me to change my opinion.
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    I get every issue.
    They all add something to how I see Superman.
    Same with every other character.

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