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    Default Have a Nice Bookstand for Reading? Recommend One Right Here In This Thread!

    The title kind of says it all. Id like a bookstand that can hold a normal sized (or larger) Omnibus. I usually lay mine flat on my desk when I read. While manageable, I desire more comfort for the sake of my back and neck.

    I would imagine some here use a stand to read, and this place seems the obvious to ask, so Id appreciate recommendations. Photos and how much yours cost would also be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

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    No suggestions, but I too would love some suggestions for myself. I've looked about and not found anything that seems worth the price yet.

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    I've been using this,

    Works well for me on my desk and even reading on my side in bed. Its sturdy enough to take on even the largest Omnibus editions. Only thing I might change is a wider base so that I can rest on my legs when reclining.

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