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    Default How would you reboot Wonder Woman (and the entire DC universe)?

    In the real world, I don't want a clean-slate reboot that erase 10 or 15 years of character growth, and starts everyone on day one. But for fanfic and discussion, it's quite fun. I wanted to do clean slate, so we're not beholden to fit her background against the existing background of other characters we like.

    So, what's your ideal? Start during WWII or present day? Is Superman the world's first hero, or do you want a post-COIE set up where all the golden age characters who didn't make it to the silver age debuted first? If so, does Diana debut with golden agers (excluding Batman and Superman) or later?

    What would Wonder Woman's powers be? She's had a different ones back in the old days. I'm fairly happy with the more modern ones. Flight, sure, despite it rendering the invisible plan less useful. But I don't want her bullet-proof. Just can't give up the bracelets blocking bullets.

    Why does she leave the island, what motivates her and what is her purpose? Does anyone prefer it to be called Paradise Island? Are there any actual restrictions (magical consequences, etc.) to a man setting foot there? I prefer not. How often is Diana able to get back there or to communicate with her family? Is Donna already on the island? How old is Diana - under a century or over a millennium? What mixture of naive and wise? Are there any fish-out-of-water stories when she leaves the island and interacts with outside society? How long does she plan to be away from the island, and does she age while away? If Donna's there, presumably, she at least, ages.

    How does she meet Etta? What's Etta's job and her role in Diana's life. I like the new Etta, but I like golden age Etta, too. But I'm not for purely comedy relief characters, so she'd need to be fleshed out if using old-school version. While I enjoyed the Year One Rucka run (heroes pretty good but villains iffy, Barbara was okay, but hated what was done with Veronica), I'm not sure I'd have Diana that integrated in the military/governement set. I was trying to think of an entirely new background for her. And, if Diana has a secret identity, should Etta know the truth?

    I like Vanessa from the post-crisis era, too, but am not quite sure when in Diana's life I'd put her, especially if Etta and/or Steve is something of a guide to 20th/21st century life in the United States. I'm also not sure if Vanessa doesn't work better in world where Diana doesn't already have a little sister, if you know what I mean?

    Pretty much the same on questions on Steve. Now him, I do like military or spy - it's what he's always been. And I like him a fighter. But how to develop that relationship (fast or slow, romantic or platonic at first, etc.) is a question. I tend to lie love interests knowing the truth early, but that's only applicable if Diana has a secret identity. Builds a better bond for them know early, since they don't only know part of a person. Also find the chasing-after-the-hero-while-ignoring-alter-ego bit very cringy. Except for original Green Lantern, because he brought it on himself.

    What type of foes should she typically face?

    How long until she meets Superman, Batman, etc. and what's the interpersonal dynamic? Guess that depends on the versions of those characters, too. Bruce used to be easier to get along with a long time ago.
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