Pleading with Stars in September from AdHouse Books

Pleading with Stars
by Kurt Ankeny.
Published by AdHouse Books

PLEADING WITH STARS is a collection of stories about people interacting with each other, and the universe, and often finding that they themselves are smaller and yet more wondrous in comparison. From the mind and fingers of award-winning cartoonist KURT ANKENY.

4C cover
184 pages
6.75” x 9" SC
$19.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-52-7
Shipping September 2019
Diamond order code: JUL19 1426

“Every choice made by Kurt Ankeny in his visually ambitious, restless, and innovative cartooning — every line and letter, moment of color and mark on the page — feels completely his own. These unforgettable comics, unforgettable and bold, are unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. I am so thrilled this book (and its creator) exist.” Matt Fraction

“Kurt Ankeny’s comics explore the nuances of the human condition with keen observation, versatility, and wistful poeticism.” Whit Taylor

“In Pleading with Stars, Ankeny employs variations made available by his deft application of line and colour to illustrate quietly observed moments of humanity and subtle dignity.” Connor Willumsen

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