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    Quote Originally Posted by bat39 View Post
    One thing that always confuses me about this version of Wonder Woman is the question of how long she's been around, and whether she was active during WW2 or not.

    She rescued Donna Troy when Donna was a toddler. Donna is around the same age as Dick Grayson. When Dick Grayson was a toddler, Bruce had probably only recently lost his parents. So does this mean Wonder Woman existed around a time when Bruce was still a teenager, and Clark was still Superboy?

    Then there was all kinds of weird temporal and multiversal shenanigans involving Steve Trevor...

    I tend not to overthink it. In my head canon, Diana rescued Donna as an infant, got custody and brought to be raised in Paradise Island.

    Paradise Island is a place where time flows differently than the outside world. And because Donna was a mortal human raised on Paradise Island, plus an unexpected effect of the Purple Ray which enabled her to have Amazonian abilities, she grew/matured differently. Thus, she was able to be rescued as an infant and still emerge into the outside world a teenager like Dick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaelforce View Post
    Mayfair Games produced DC Heroes in 1985 using the Mayfair Exponential Gaming System (MEGS). I won a copy at its debut at GenCon that year playing Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) in an immensely fun two round Teen Titans event.

    This stands out in my mind despite the years because my fiance and I were talking with the game designer afterward. Every boxed game came jam packed with stuff, including write-ups for all the major DC Heroes.

    Wonder Woman was listed as one strength level below Superman, and we asked why. We were told that a lot of research had gone into the game with people looking up feats and such, and that DC had final say over the game.

    They originally listed Diana as having a strength equal to Superman, but DC knocked her down one level.
    Thank you for substantiating my memory!

    I remember being awed by the "being able to lift Mt. Everest" factoid... too bad DC required Diana to be below Kal-El by a level. That's annoying.

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