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The version of Doomsday you indicate in the first link is from Superman 175...written by Loeb. That whole interaction was strange. Jonn appears to hit him with some TP shenanigans...then physically engaged him. Doomsday speaks and Jonn, surprised, exclaims, "Sentient!"
Yes but if we are considering what Jonn says we have to consider what DD says as well. And DD quite clearly tells him to get out of his head

So Jonn attempted to " Get in his head" and it didn't work before there was any physical contact

So...Jonn didnt discern this right away? At any rate I took that to mean that Jonn's surprise caused him to stop with the TP, at which point...bye bye Jonn.
It also means that Jonn's initial TP attack didn't work since DD gets the chance to speak out afterwards instead of instantly becoming his thrall

As far as the second link, that is from the issue mini...Brainiac maintained control of Doomsday for most of those books...a significant period of time...despite his indicating degree of difficulty....so, eh.
Actually I rechecked. Braniac never got a chance to use the extra support. It was all him, but it was through a mind transfer

As to the third, wasn't the reason for Brainiacs superiority due to the same device that helped him maintain control of Doomsday throughout that arc?
Crucially the mind transfer was on Doomsday not J'onn such that a psi blocker immediately ended control over DD. Ergo it couldn't have been a factor on any mental interactions with J'onn

Besides he clearly was using TP in this story on his own

So to recap- J'onn's mental attack didn't work on a weaker clone, and even a stronger telepath than J'onn was having trouble keeping control of the real deal, even after a literal mind transfer, a process that was supposed to "destroy" any trace of the creature's mind