One of the interesting blink and you miss it moments/freeze frame moments of the Rise of Skywalker trailer is an air battle at the mid point of the film. While we clearly see an A-wing spiraling out of control, what's interesting in the background is that there's a Star Destroyer-but not of the First Order variety....but an old Imperial Star Destroyer.

The model is semi-clearly the version seen in A New Hope, which has less surface detail than it's ESB/ROTJ counterparts and the bridge tower area is noticeably different, somewhat closer to real world battleships in design. This is also the design Disney has gotten a lot of mileage out of-it's the one seen in Rogue One, Solo, and Rebels, so it's probably really easy for ILM to just dig up their existing renders or models.

Kind of curious how it's going to be used. First Order backup? Maybe some other Imperial remnant? Resistance getting some really old ships? One curious thing is that the ship seems to have red color markings on it's hull, something seen in the prequels as the official colors of the Republic, most visible in Revenge of the Sith on the Venator destroyers (The colors are removed in the Death star scene at the end of the film, symbolizing the transformation from Republic to Empire). It's also possible that this is actually a flashback, perhaps to the battle of Jaaku, and that it might tie to Rey's origin/