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    Quote Originally Posted by CRaymond View Post
    What I didn't say is Amazonian civilization is terrible and immoral. I didn't call it a cess pit, ruled by a despot, or worth toppling.

    I said the home should be difficult, like anything worth fighting for, creating, and preserving.

    I do not want a clean, sunny world where Amazons are not expected to make sacrifices or hard choices. If there are a heroic people, they should be prepared and willing to make those choices and sacrifices in the face of adversity. Not all sacrifices are life or death. Some are happiness and peace. Some are love and duty. Some are fear and immortality.
    It was the (correct about the myths) "body horror monstrosities" and comments that set me there. I'm iffy on what you say. The problem with those sacrificies and "hard choices" as they are all too frequently written as "they do absolutely horrific things, but have reasons, and think the end justifies the means" while a large segment of the audience (rightfully, IMO) sees people who do horrific things for with weak justification and need stopped. Getting rid (even if not by killing) boy babies for the continuity existence of their female-exclusive culture would be one of those things. Likewise choosing not to save boys when they do save girls would be one.

    Also, I think that's a very hard sell with a stable group of Amazons, that don't grow old and replace themselves generation to generation, simply because after a few centuries they would have presumably found some sort of equilibrium already so that would be in the past. And I do want my immortalish Amazons.
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    It can easily be because the Amazons have to deal with the doom Gate and other monsters

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