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    That ending was perhaps one of the few times I’ve actually been angry about a comic. They absolutely blew it in every regard, and I’m still mad about it. Yeah the Chris-Thara relationship is one of those “wtf” moments that makes you wonder how the hell editorial approved it.
    I don't think editorial had a choice.

    War of the Supermen was originally supposed to be a major event but sales had tanked so bad in the year they built to it that I think they were ordered to wrap the story up in a month. No one was buying the story so why drag it out for several more months, as was the original plan? Keep in mind also that this was when JMS jumped ship to DC and was taking over the Superman title. Given that JMS' direction was completely counter to the scope Robinson and Rucka had built towards, the higher ups at DC were probably adamant that everything be reset.

    In hindsight, the one bright spot during this entire period was the Lex Luthor Action arc that came out post-New Krypton/Blackest Night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingaliencracker View Post
    So far be it from me to be the one to defend Berganza on anything, but...

    The New 52 mess with George Perez was more Grant Morrison and his refusal to share his storylines for Action with anyone except Rags Morales. This was due to (what he perceived to be) other writers stealing his ideas for Final Crisis prior to that story being released. Now, I suppose it could be argued that Berganza allowed the arrangement so he's responsible for the mess that eventually happened but it's very likely Didio, Lee, and/or Harras would have approved the same arrangement if it meant getting Grant on one of the main Superman titles for New 52.

    Also, I don't think Berganza was involved with Amazon's Attack, but I may be mistaken.
    I am not talking about Berganza. He was gone from Superman (post-Infinite Crisis) during OYL and New 52. His successor is the one I am talking about. The one who left DC during the Burbank move. Despite Berganza's misconduct, as an editor he was competent compared to many of the current people employed within editorial and was one of the last people willing to give Peter David work at DC.

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