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    Golden Boy and his Disciples

    The Golden Boy
    •Gem of Infinite Suns(Marvel)
    •Instant Transmission Training (DBZ)
    -Superman enters this ToP with his unrivaled physical powers/abilities and is ready to lead his Disciples to victory and save there perspective universes. To aid him in this Tourney he is given a artifact that even Odin himself is in awe over. The Gem of Infinite Suns houses dozens of Suns and all their power inside of it, which Superman and his Kryptonian cells will absorb to supercharge his powers like never before. Adding in his Instant Transmission Training that let's him teleport at will and he is ready to dispense his firey fists of Justice.

    The Red Disciple
    •Phoenix 5 Power Up(Marvel)
    •Consumption of Space Whale Meat(DC)
    - The Omega level mutant and master energy manipulator enters this Tourney, with his ability to manipulate/drain/absorb all types of energy ready to shine. To aid him he is given a mutant messiah's dream and receives the Phoenix 5 power up which boosts all his powers,/abilities to Cosmic levels. Plus to make sure no one escapes his wrath he eats Space Whale Meat which gives him the powers of Superman, but one at a time(speed default) so now nobody is getting away from him.

    The Purple Disciple
    •Obito Uchiha(Naruto)
    •Chakra Fruit Consumption(Naruto)
    •Super Skrull Engineering: MLF Set(Marvel)
    -One of the top ninjas in the Narutoverse Obito Uchiha comes to this Tourney with his Sharingan and Rinnegan eyes ready to fight. Already a formidable opponent he is now upgraded to Deity levels of power after his Chakra Fruit Consumption which boosts his body/powers/abilities to World topping heights and opens a Rinnesharingan 3rd eye in his forehead.

    Now he can use any/all jutsus in the world and at power levels that nobody can ignore. To give him another edge he underwent Super Skrull Power Engineering:MLF set which adds the powers/abilities of Mutant Liberation Front members including Time Manipulation, Portal Creation, and other abilities he can combine and mix with his own.

    The Black Disciple
    •Darkhold Contract(Marvel)
    •Velocity 9(DC)
    -The iconic dark magic anti hero comes to the Tourney bringing his Hell conquering and Heaven razing magic powers with him. With the powers/abilities to do anything he can think of(transmutation, conjuring, molecular atomization, time manipulation, etc) on a planetary scale he doesn't need much to decimate anyone in his way. But for this Tourney he is gifted a power that perfectly syncs to his for a massive boost. His K7 Symbiote and innate powers feed off dark energy from creatures of the night like Wolves, bats, and even dark/emotional places like alleys and graveyards to power him up from near death to easily throwing a tall building physically and to vaporize and transmute groups of class 80 demons.

    Here for the Tourney he has entered into a Darkhold Contract which is the most evil magic power source in Marvel and upgraded a two bit illusionist into a Super Mage capable of fighting/countering Dr Strange and Clea at the same time. With the initial large raw power boost and then the even bigger boost from the dark/evil nature of the Darkhold he is ready to claim domimnion over all foes, and with Velocity 9 amping his speed to top levels nobody will escape his moves.

    The Silver Disciple
    •Shadow Orb Absorbtion (OI/Marvel)
    -One of the toughest villans the Marvel World has ever seen Graviton enters this ToP. With his comp!ete mastery over Gravity/Anti Gravity he has fought and defeated entire teams of heroes at once, and casually kill a man with pencil in Australia while he was in the United States. To shore up any percieved weaknesses he accepts the Shadow Orb Absorbtion powers presented to him and gains control over the versatile Darkforce energy and boosts his physical stats to Invincible levels before he amps himself up.

    Team Uniforms
    Superman's Set
    - Personalized with each suit matching their own Disciple color, with black cape/boots/accessories.
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