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    Quote Originally Posted by Güicho View Post
    It was a Manga and TV series first, but yeah this one is pretty well known. Especially to obviously anyone in Japan, and any kid who grew up in the late 60's early 70s, who watched it on American TV.

    Also pretty good breakdown here
    Gives a good History, gets to Disney's blatant obfuscation and how their cover up falls apart, yet also show it's not just all black and white, as there was allot more going on creatively then just "copy that". Which should also be recognized.

    ^^^Hey, that’s great stuff, thanks!
    That’s one toon that completely flew under my radar as a kid, so this has all been pretty interesting...

    Quote Originally Posted by Güicho View Post
    Now that's a fun rabbit hole to go down.
    Look out Jaxxon!

    Star Hoppers (Marvel/Lucas' first expanded U tale), was a reworking of Magnificent Seven as a western in space, which in turn was a Western reworking of Seven Samurai.
    And then there was Battle Beyond the Stars!

    Serji-X Arrogantus was Eli Wallach's Calvera redesigned as comic artist Sergio Arragones.

    Further Galaxy Quest was a reworking of Magnificent Seven if they were actors mistaken for real Space heroes, which was somewhat a reworking of Three Amigos which is what if Magnificent Seven where three actors mistaken for three real Caballeros.
    And then A Bugs Life, which is the same story if they were all bugs...
    The pilot ep. of THE A-TEAM was essentially ‘the magnificent five’ (counting Amy Amanda Allen), right down to them protecting a Mexican village.
    They were of course, exactly as advertised, a group of badass Mercs. I do believe they altruistically waived their fee at the end though, it’s been years since I watched it.

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    In the 1950s, Flash became an astronaut who travelled to other planets besides Mongo.[1] The long story of the Skorpi War takes Flash to other star systems, using starships that are faster than light.

    In addition to Ming and his allies, Flash and his friends also fought several other villains, including Azura, the Witch Queen; Brukka, chieftain of the giants of Frigia;[1][9] the fascistic Red Sword organisation on Earth; and Brazor, the tyrannical usurper of Tropica.[1][10] After Raymond's tenure, later writers created new enemies for Flash to combat. Austin Briggs created Kang the Cruel, Ming's callous son.[1] Prince Polon, who had the power to shrink or enlarge living creatures, the unscrupulous Queen Rubia, and Pyron the Comet Master were among the antagonists introduced during Mac Raboy's run.[10] The Skorpi, a race of alien shape shifters who desired to conquer the galaxy, were recurring villains in both the Mac Raboy and Dan Barry stories.[1] The Skorpi space-fighter ace Baron Dak-Tula became a periodic nemesis of Flash in the late 1970s stories.

    kang the conqueror and the skrull derived from FG?
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