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    Default The Talented Tenth Saga--A Live Action Comic Book

    The Talented Tenth Saga will be an 8 issue limited run comic book series. This series is unique for many reasons.
    First of all, it will feature real people versus hand drawn or CGI characters. This is why actors and actresses will be sought.
    Secondly, the main characters in the world of The Talented Tenth Saga will be diverse as the world we live in.

    An Underground of several potential heroes are recruited by an ex-government agent and a lost time traveler from the future to stop a 200 year old billionaire from correcting the one failure in his richly successful life. If the mega-billionaire is indeed victorious, then the world as we know it will be changed. See it all in this 8 issue limited series.

    A movie script was taken to make this Live Action Comic Book.

    Real Actresses, Actors, Sets, Costumes full of Mystery, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical Fiction and More.

    Everyone Deserves Heroes That Look Like Them.

    TTTS#1Front Cover.jpg


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