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    Default Local comic shop badly damaged by floods.

    Evening everyone, Not sure if this is allowed or not so I won't post any link until I find out, I contacted admins a few weeks ago to ask but haven't had a response one way or another.

    Over here in Central Scotland, our little, and in fact only, Comic Book shop - Justice comics was badly damaged by severe flooding at the end of last month, Justice Comics was originally started way back in 1993 by a good friend of mine and traded successfully for 13 years, unfortunately things took a downward spiral in the mid 00's and he ended up closing his doors in 2006.
    He took the plunge and started back up again in September last year but times have been tough, and he has ended up currently doing night work at a hotel and running the shop during the day.
    That's the backstory, 3 weeks ago Stirling was hit by floods out of nowhere and Justice comics was one of the worst hit, Brian estimates to have lost 80% of his stock, he's putting on a brave face and continuing trading and insurance will kick in eventually bu t I decided to start a just giving page to help him on the way.
    Until I know for certain I'm allowed to promote the page on here I won't post the link but needless to say it isn't doing very well just now. I was hoping fellow comic book fans would be able to help out in a small way ?

    As for me, I know I'm not a well known name on here, I prefer to read opinions than post my own, I've been a member on here since before the reset but rarely post, I'm a huge DC fan with Batman being my favourite book, posters I tend to look out for are Jbatman fan and Buried Alien before any others.

    Any help anyone could give in any way would go a long way to helping our only comic book shop in this part of the world open.

    Thanks guys.

    Edit to add link.
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