Disclaimer: I'm just a nerd who loves this series, and hopes it becomes big.

Showrunner - Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy - They nailed it with Westworld; a nuanced and engrossing drama set in a very richly detailed world. Knows how to balance story with worldbuilding, showing pieces of lore at a time; enough to intrigue the audience. They also can inspire confidence to obtain a massive budget.

Writing - Jonathan Nolan and Greg Rucka - Hopefully Rucka and Nolan can work together to convey the underlying philosophical message that Rucka wants to convey in the series.

Directors (Guest)":
-Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane)
-Gareth Evans (The Raid Series)
-Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men) * highly unlikely
-Michelle Maclaren and Miguel Sapochnik (Game of Thrones)
-OC Madsen (Banshee)
-Michael Slovis (Breaking Bad)

Carlyle Family:

Forever - Young Rhona Mitra, we all know she can pull off the action and the tight latex look. Hard to find a young tall brunette actress. If you can look past the fact she looks halfie (Asian), Sonoya Mizuno would be also great Forever. Her accent would have to tweaked a little bit as she has a strong posh British accent. She has the looks, physical capability and acting chops to play Forever (watch Maniac).

Malcolm - He's supposed to look in his late 50's to early 60's with strong facial features and have the mental age and demeanor of a very sharp 80 year old who has seen it all and could exude authority without saying a word. If Charles Dance could speak in an American Accent he would be perfect.

Do not hate me for this Kevin Spacey is possible choice. We all know how good he is at playing Machiavellian authority figures.

Johanna - Yvonne Strahovski. Perfect for this role. We know she can play backstabbing, manipulative and insecure as she has been in her recent work.

Jonah - James Marsden. At first I thought of Nikolaj-Coster Waldau (for obvious reasons, namely incest and character redemption) , but he would be obviously too typecast in a role like this. Marsden can play cocky, smarmy, charming and even repentant and redeeming as seen from his work on Westworld.

Bethany - Rosamund Pike. She might be too overqualified (and I expect expensive) of an actress to play this role. But she has the range to portray the sort of sudden and random rage that Bethany displays. Another good alternative is Alexa Davalos, her work on Man in the High Castle

Stephen - Matthew Fox. Has an empathetic vibe you see from his work on Lost. I can see him playing the coddled older brother type. You have to feel sympathetic to Stephen's character at times cause he is ultimately one of the good and kinder members of his family, but he's looked down upon because of that. I think Fox can pull it that sort of vibe off.

Young Forever - Dafne Keen. Just watch Logan. Vicious.

Carlyle Serfs:

Dr. James Mann - Thomas Haden Church. Has the perfect look for Dr. James Mann, and is perfectly suitable for the witty nice guy doctor and as an alternate father figure.

- Rosario Dawson. She is an important minor character. She can switch from loving surrogate mother to downright trying to kill you in seconds.

Arthur Cohn - Pretty minor character, I like Dennis Haysbert . He can obviously pull of political action thriller roles, so there.

Michael - Corey Hawkins. Exactly who I imagined as Michael. Just has to act a bit nerdy, which we see a little bit of in Kong.

Casey Solomon - Jane Levy. Kinda risky, she has limited action experience roles and she looks a bit frail for the role of Casey, but I think she would make a good Casey.

Carlyle Allies:

Joaquim Morray - Rodrigo Santoro. Need I say more?

Sonja Bittner - Younger Katheryn Winnick or Ingrid Bolso Berdal. It is really difficult to find a an actress to play a 6'0 plus muscular Aryan looking woman who is also beautiful and elegant. Elizabeth Debicki maybe if she put on some muscle? Kate Upton has a suitable look if she didn't have the basic bitch voice and personality.

Sevara Bittner - Sidse Babbett Knudsen. Stateswomanly Swedish Woman with great acting chops.

Edward Armitage - Alistair Petrie. Posh, Stern Englishman

Sir Thomas Huston - Ideally Michael Fassbender then later Idris Elba (these two guys would be incredibly expensive though for such a minor role). I think that's even how Lark envisioned it. Richard Armitage and Charles Venn as budget.


Dr. Hock - Willem Dafoe with some makeup to look him look older and crazier. Don't overthink this one, just do it. I thought of Oldman and Waltz, but Dafoe just strikes the right kind of crazy I imagine Hock being.

Edgar Morray - Edward James Olmos. I am pretty sure this is who Rucka and Lark though of when designing the character.

I have an further list of castings, of more people I think are suited for the heads, Lazarus's and family members of the other 15 families as well as more Carlyle and Hock ancillary characters.


Not very well thought out Adaptational Changes I'd make (heresy I know):
- Hock has a Clone/Son (Played by Dana Dehaan) - Hock has no heirs to his family, so he simply clones himself. Nice sub-plot

- The Chinese and Russian Families play a Bigger Role - Li and Vassalakova become a major threat in later seasons (3 and 2 respectively). Much of season 2 is about the Vassalkova invasion of Rausling territory (Poland and Germany) and much of Season 3 is about a Chinese civil war where the Li family splits into two. One half holding much of Northern China (Beijing, Shanghai) and Allied with Vassalkova and Hock, the other half holding much of Southern China (Hong Kong, Taiwan) and Allied with Inamura, Carragher and Carlyle.

- The Bittner/Rausling War - A background war as depicted in the graphic novel, but certain fight and battle scenes are staged here in the later half of season 1 and first half of season 2. (Lots of shooting in Western and Central Europe).

- Retribution Storyline for Meyers-Qasimi - The Meyers-Qasimi family (the Middle Eastern family) should have a storyline detailing hit squads on other countries; similar to Steven Spielberg's Munich. Their Lazarus and covert ops team take vengeance on members of the Hock, D'Souza and Rausling families.

- Martins/Nkosi and Morray/D'Souza War - Briefly visited in the story. Anyone have any ideas for subplots?

- Minetta family should be renamed - Minetta is not an Indian name at all.

So what do you think about the list?

Who would you change and add?