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Yes, I just read it. Magneto says "a part of him" knows that he must return to continue his story, and a part of him wants to remain. Nothing about separating into "good and evil" parts. Then Nate says, he can do both, but he has to leave so he can stay. We see Magneto, our Magneto, leave and then another version of him appears; dressed differently with a different hair cut, etc. This is Nate's version of Magneto who is staying to help him rebuild the world. This AU Magneto is asked, what he would sacrifice to build a new world. I think this is a split, a quantum mechanical split and both are the complete Magneto. One will stay in Nate's world where mutants are safe and in charge, the other (our Mags) returns to 616 to face all the usual sh*t with all the same complexities of personality he's always had.

I think it was just Nate´s hair that went white because he overused his powers, he didn´t age.