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    This is so dumb. The whole storyline seems completely pointless. I still maintain that a story about a superhero having a TBI could be interesting. But that aspect has now been dumbed down to "amnesia". Physically R/Dic(k) has no aftereffects of the shooting at all.

    And as others have pointed out, he's still doing the exact same thing he was doing before he got shot. He's just not calling himself Nightwing or associating with Batman anymore. This exact storyline could play out even if he'd never been shot at all. Just make the faux-Nightwings copycats or something and it's the exact same thing.

    So DC went to all the trouble of having Dick get shot in the head, pointedly separated him from the rest of the family, and then told a story that doesn't rely whatsoever on him being shot in the head or separated from the family. Brilliant.

    Taking something away from a protagonist (in this case his memory) can be a fun trope in fiction, because it allows the storyteller to explore who the protagonist really is without certain trappings. But it's entirely boring when the answer to who he really is is "yeah, pretty much the same but with greasepaint instead of a mask." So the inference is that Batman and company had no role at all in shaping him into the person he is?

    So dumb.
    Cheers - CL

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodOps View Post
    how long are we supposed to suffer with this garbage
    I want the normal Nightwing back

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentofthebat View Post
    I want the normal Nightwing back
    I think we all do.
    "So you've come to the end now alive but dead inside."

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