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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Kelly View Post
    Tula the Aquagirl appeared in 1967 not in the 1950s.
    The Aquagirl I was referring to was the Aquagirl in 1959's Adventure Comics #266.

    Quote Originally Posted by MajorHoy View Post
    It depends on if/how much they were incorporated intro the main DC universe as to whether I'd count them or not.

    Definitely Nightshade from Charlton; I don't know where the others from that company may or may not have appeared under DC.

    From Fawcett, definitely Mary Marvel, and even Bulletgirl has shown up in a few stories. Can't remember if "Freckles Marvel" has appeared anywhere besides maybe in reprints.

    For Quality; Doll Girl, Miss America, and Phantom Lady.
    I'm not sure if "Lady Luck" was acquired by DC since, like The Spirit, she was a Will Eisner character who first appeared in The Spirit Sunday sections of newspapers. I know DC intended to use her, and even used a character called "Lady Luck" in a New52 Phantom Stranger story, but I don't know if DC has the rights to that character at present. (As for "Wildfire", DC hadn't used her originally because they already had a male character with that name in the Legion of Super-Heroes.)
    Also not sure if the others you mentioned from Quality were ever used by DC or not (yet).

    Not familiar enough with Wildstorm to list who has or hasn't crossed over into any sort of regular usage under DC.
    Alright, I added Nightshade, Bulletgirl, Mary Marvel, Doll Girl, Miss America, Phantom Lady, Freckles Marvel, Lady Luck, and Wildfire. Added Miss Fear from Quality Comics as well.
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