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    Quote Originally Posted by Tien Long View Post
    And that's the great part, right? While Superman could easily this planet and a couple of other planets, he's just making houses for Christmas. Small things when compared to the universal/multiuniversal stuff that he deals with, but it means a lot.
    As I said, that's why I love to him. There is nothing or no one that is more important, we are all living beings who deserve happiness which is quite inspiring, the fact that Superman could legit look at you and tell you " You are awesome " just for living your life

    A lot of people compare Superman to Captain America because they are those incredible heroic figures but if anyone is Superman at Marvel, it's Spider-Man. They both are awesome in the fact that they just love to be with everyone around them and do little things many heroes wouldn't look on.

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    Superman.... HOPE..... I believe hope is poor guy's opium, world is a dark and terrible place, there is no hope in the real world... But in fictional media, there is this character who claims he's hope, sunshine and rainbows... And some poor people can't get enough of this fictinal hope, go for it, hide behind it 'cause there is no hope in real world... I feel sorry for them, i feel sorry for myself... life is crap... but you know what, i rather deal with this crap than i hide behind false hope. So Superman's nothing insprational......... and all Superman really does is beating the crap out of aliens in his fictinal world... some hope, that is to begin with... lol
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    He does the right thing because its the right thing; not because he can do. And even tries if he is sure he cannot do it.

    He refuses to do the wrong things because they are the wrong things; even if he could easily do almost all of them.

    ... also he could eat unhealthy junk food all day long and still be shaped like a god without any ill effects (the one superpower I'd pick if I could ).

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