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    Default Mangog/Mongul Jr vs Kurse/Hulkverine

    Fight 1: One on One

    Fight 2: Team fight

    Mangog vs Kurse(Composite stacked)

    Mongul Jr(ringless) vs Hulkverine

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    I feel like Weapon H could probably take out Mongul, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

    Kurse is a very hate-fuelled character, and Mangog actually feeds off that stuff to make him stronger. I think he operates on a slightly higher level, and in the event of a spacetoss, Mangog can actually move himself through space (as illogical as that is), whereas Kurse is kinda screwed.

    On that basis in the team fight we’d be left with Hulkverine vs Mangog, which doesn’t end well for Gimmick-Infringement Lad (which would clearly be Hulkverine’s LoSH name).

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