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    Default Takamura vs Taiju

    Takamura has six minutes to knock Taiju out for the ten count with punches. Taiju may block and parry, but must receive every blow. Is Taiju still standing when the time counts to zero?

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    I'd say no myself.

    Taiju is hard to keep down but Takamura hits like a truck and is a very good boxer and is faster than him. He's not going to block Takamura if he doesn't want to be blocked and six minutes is a loooong time to be a sandbag.


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    takamura is strong enough to pick a truck out of a ditch, beat up a gang of monkeys, casually shatter a door with a kick, shake a boxing ring with a punch and uppercut a full-grown so hard that he hit the ceiling and ricocheted back down to the floor like a pinball.

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