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    There's a chance some of these would be elseworlds assuming they did happen but anyway:

    Tales of the Bana: A 12 issue maxi series that fleshes out the Bana-Mighdall and brings back Akila and other Bana besides Artemis. written by Doselle Young.

    Wonder Girls: A 6 issue mini series starring Donna, Cassie and Vanessa Kapatelis. written by Phil Jiminez.

    The Tigress and the Cheshire Cat: A 14 issue maxi series starring half sisters, Jade Nguyen and Artemis Crock by Marjorie Liu. Artemis works for the government as a state-sponsored superhero. Jade went missing as a child and has seemingly resurfaced as a wanted assassin. But not all is as it seems.

    Nubia: The Lost Amazons: Written by N.K. Jemisin, this 16 issue series explores the story of Nubia, her relationship with her mother Philippus, her friend Diana and how she was separated from the Amazons before reuniting with them.

    Nightshade: Written by Marjorie Liu and explores her relationship with her family.
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    Shadowpact: Written by Greg Rucka. The team are now part of an established organization dealing with mystical matters. Stars Nightshade, Enchantress, a new Nightmaster, Blue Devil, Ragman and Lourdes Lucaro.

    Sentinels of Magic: When the Lords of Order disappear it falls to a team of sorcerers to a team of sorcerers to combat the rise of corrupt mages. Stars Zatanna, Sebastian Faust, Jinx, Lilith Clay, Pia Morales and Khalid Nassir.

    Children of Atlantis: An ongoing starring Jackson Hyde, Lorena Marquez and Koryak as they explore their human and Atlantian heritages.

    Aftershock: An ongoing starring Atlee and Stella Gomez. Written by Greg Weissman.

    MPA: Multiverse Protection Agency: Power Girl, Vibe, Huntress (Helena Wayne) and a number of other superheroes fight to police the multiverse.

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    Another Cyborg series

    Scorch - where Scott Fischer is found alive and fights crime with his Hawkeye-like gusto. Crossover with Green Arrow in one issue.

    Grid series where he acts impulsively creepy to the heroes (and villains)

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    Undo the COIE and bring back the pre-Crisis continuity and pick up from there. The "reboot" has created more problems than it solved.

    A new Earth One Superman and Batman book every year.

    Tales of the Multiverse. An ongoing about stories that take place in other universes.

    A Dr. Midnight ongoing. Think Batman in the 1940s. Like Sandman Mystery Theater.

    A Vertigo-verse. Most of the major Vertigo characters live here. DC comics characters are just comic book characters there. Constantine. Swamp Thing. Shade. Even Animal Man.
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    Deadman 6 issue mini.

    Blackwing: At least some annuals.

    Captain Cold (at least a one shot).

    A series where Rag Doll breaks further away from The Secret Six.

    Black Bison 3 issue limited run.

    Dynamo Boy maxi series.

    Hawk one shot. Let's see what the reception to him is without Dove.

    Mento ongoing.

    General Glory 12 issues.

    Rocket Year One. A story about a young hero just getting her start.

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    SWAMP THING ongoing written by Grant Morrison, pencils by Jerome Opeña, colors by Matt Hollingsworth. (I know Morrison supposedly co-wrote the early issues of Millar's run, but I want to see him go full-Grant on my favorite comics hero.) And after they've had their run, Jonathan Hickman and new creative team take over.

    NEW GODS drawn by Ian Bertram. Attached are a couple panels from his current book for Image, LITTLE BIRD (written by Darcy Van Poelgeest), which has the most stunningly intricate art of any current mainstream book I know of. They could have anyone write it, I don't care so much as long as Bertram's on it. But since we're in Fantasyland, uhhh... Neil Gaiman? And a fill-in arc or two drawn by Emma Rios.

    SUPERMAN by Mark Waid, obviously. And ACTION by Tom King and Tim Seeley, hopefully bringing their GRAYSON game with witty, weird fun. Cross-continuity de-emphasized to let each team do their best work without shackles and give each book a distinct personality.

    JUSTICE LEAGUE by Al Ewing.

    BATMAN or DETECTIVE by Christopher Priest. Same deal with the continuity ball-and-chain, of course. EDIT: And with Damian back as a regular sidekick. I want to see Bruce being a father again, and I think Priest could write a really good Damian.
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    Actually, I would like a miniseries of the Guild of Detection. Maybe 6 issues. I recently got around to reading Detective Comics #1000 where it was the subject of one of the stories. I think with the right writer and plot, it could make to be an interesting story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDragonKing View Post
    If you could have your own dream title with existing DC characters or teams, what would it be?
    For me it would be a new "Swamp Thing" book following the continuity of the 1991 cartoon (like how Batman Beyond continued in comic form after the TV series ended).

    I'd also give Dolphin her own series or at least a mini-series. Partially inspired by this:-

    The focus would mainly be on Dolphin as an eco-heroine fighting threats to marine life like pollution, over-fishing etc. After all most of the planet is ocean and Aquaman can't be everywhere at once. I think she'd want to help ease his burden in some way.

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    I have very few complaints about Bendis's Young Justice so far, so that box is checked for now.

    I don't expect Justice Society to fare that well, but just for the record: Include Obsidian and Jade or go home.

    Anyway, as for stuff neither current nor announced:

    A Tim Drake at Ivy University series! (He needs a civilian life back more than almost anyone!)

    Which reminds me (I still can't believe I have to type this): An actual Dick Grayson Nightwing series.

    Super Sons!

    A literal Superman Family series. (Focused on Lois, Clark, and Jon - with Kon-El, Kara et al. dropping by.)

    A literal Batman Family series. (Rotating cast with no true main characters since it's so large. With Selina!)

    Gotham Central.


    A Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle series that recaptures his original one. (May keep any additions from nEw 52 or DC Rebirth, but none of the changes - not one!)

    A Wally West Flash series. With frequent - every third arc or so - Flash Family guest stars. (Bring back his kids already!)

    Since we're listing dream comics: Also a Bart Allen Impulse solo series. (Bring back Max and non-murderous Thad, please.)

    Come to think about it, I kind of want a Superboy and Wonder Girl (Conner and Cassie) duo series.

    Also Hawkman and Hawkwoman. (I am perfectly happy with Kendra running around as Hawkgirl in other titles; she's cool, but I want back the real deal, too.)

    Earth-23 (i.e. President Superman, but really exploring the world beyond just him).

    And some series - any series - starring the Reboot Legion! (Rejoined by Gates and XS.) Have them be multiversal Wanderers as set up by Legion of Three Worlds to differentiate them from the Bendisboot, I don't care; have always loved universe-hopping series, anyway. Just gimme back mah boi Lyle!
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    Isis: Zari Tomaz discovers she is the reincarnation of the Egyptian goddess Isis. She must now deal with dark forces that seek to claim her life while trying to learn the secrets of her death in her previous life.

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    Heirs of the Bat:
    An ongoing series about the adventures of Damian Wayne, a reality-displaced Helena Wayne, and a time-displaced Batman Beyond.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K7P5V View Post
    Challengers from Beyond

    A diverse gathering of heroes team-up with one another and travel the multiverse searching for forgotten beings and individuals who may prove consequential in preserving the continued existence of the DC Universe. At long last, DC characters in limbo get their chance in the spotlight.
    A DC version of Marvel's Exiles? Well, since DC isn't doing it anymore, why not?
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