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    Default Elric vs. Stormbringer

    Just because. Elric gets anywhere between two days and a year of prep. Where he is in his personal timeline is entirely at your discretion, but any power-ups or special items he only possessed briefly (e.g., the Chaos Shield) are off the table unless he can actually regain them under standard rules, nor will he simply order the Mournblade off whichever relative wields it at the time.

    Lord Arioch has wisely opted to unlist his number for the duration of this fight. Who's the true tag-team champions?

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    I don't see this much going different than it went ;p

    Under standard prep rules he can't go get any of the things that would give him a shot at doing this. The various crap he can summon is not going to do much against Stormbringer.

    If this was, can Elric in two years faff around on journeys to let him get things to deal with the blade, sure. He gets his band of dudes together and effs about as need be, on dragonback as need be. But otherwise? Nnnaaahhh.

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    Stormbringer kills him yet again and goes away laughing.

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