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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorHoy View Post

    Can't remember how they resolved those legal issues when Bruce revealed Wayne Enterprises was backing Batman in Batman Incorporated . . .

    Can't remember how Nightwing's identity being revealed as Dick Grayson impacted the vigilante community in Forever Evil . . .

    Didn't Bruce toy with the idea of ending his Bruce Wayne identity and being just Batman in the "Murder/Fugitive" arc a while back?
    Yeah, he did and Dick beat him up for that idea. Unfortunately, this was younger less experienced Dick so he didn't win the fight.

    I don't remember it well, but I think there was an off-screen legal battle, and Bruce promoted Batman Incorporated as a private army/bodyguard while also donate some of his techs and robots to the GCPD so there's an official and legal working partnership with the police.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Wayne View Post

    Batman would lose everything.
    While I'm obviously not a fan of Batman outing himself as Bruce Wayne, as shown in Batman: Murderer/Fugitive and even TDKR, Bruce is smart enough to have enough money hidden away that he really wouldn't have any problems continuing on as a crimefighter.
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    Hell yea go for it. I'd be so down for a story like that, not even joking lol
    DC, hurry up and make your own version of Marvel Unlimited!

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