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    Issue fifty of Palmiotti and Gray's Jonah Hex run was reeeaaally heartbreaking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ultradav View Post
    Funeral For a Friend never fails to make me cry no matter how many times I've read it, mostly the Ma & Pa scenes. Specifically:

    **Jon and Martha Kent watching their son die on national television, helpless to do anything

    **Jon and Martha not being able to attend their own child's funeral, and their makeshift ceremony in Smallville. Such sad helplessness that they have to make the best of.

    **Jon's heart attack and Martha's utter loneliness and despair at losing both of the men in her life

    **Jon and Martha putting aside their extraordinary grief to fly up and comfort Lois is really touching and shows their character

    **Finally just Lois' utter despair in the day after Superman's death, barely keeping it together, walking around like a zombie

    **Afterwards in Reign of the Supermen Lois' complex emotions: wanting so badly to believe Clark is back, trying to maintain skepticism and stoicism, but desperately wanting to see him again, getting jerked around between hope and reality. And then when they finally reunite.

    Okay I need a Kleenex.
    Yup. Given that the Death of Superman story was an over-hyped 6 issue action sequence with nothing even remotely resembling a plot, the consequences of it were REALLY well done. As you said, the funeral was very well handled. And not on topic for this "saddest moments" thread, but the Reign of the Supermen story that followed was a lot better than it deserved to be, given what it came from.

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    The actual Death of Supergirl in Crisis didn't have quite the same impact on me as her appearance in Alan Moore's Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. Somehow that scene with Superman meeting the Legion with a young Kara and trying not to let on anything about her death drove home her being gone along with her whole era.

    Superman visiting Batman & Robin in the Silver Age Last Days of Superman was the only other comic that really brought tears to my eyes.

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    The New 52

    The death of Supergirl in Crisis

    The death of Superboy in Legion of superheroes 38

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