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Hard to top "flesh melting stare" but somehow I'm still alive.

....momma Arby don't play.
One of Ancestor's many qi techniques (styles) is his use of the Thousand Escaping Poisons. With it, he can create (giant) clouds of toxins surrounding himself and direct where they travel (pretty specifically - he has sent a tendril of toxic mist literally spiralling down a kicking character's leg and up to their face). The poison is flat-out instantly lethal to weaker powerful characters, and even characters with enormous qi need to stay away from it or risk dying (the dude who got a wiff of it in the face, for example, is the main Gary Stu character of the series possessing tremendous amounts of qi, and it still messed him up something fierce). Only people who are 'immune' to poisons can manage against the toxin, and it still debilitates them and sickens them visibly. As an example, Black Dragon ignores the bites of lethally venomous snakes (seriously, he gets bitten and just keeps going about his business, where the same kind of snake dropped another trained character in a few seconds a short time beforehand) and shrugs off the poison techniques of Chan O-wan (who uses the same Thousand Escaping Poisons technique as Ancestor, but his qi is far inferior to Ancestor's), and Ancestor's poison techniques still sicken him somewhat.

The poison clouds also seem to degrade and damage stone. When the poison kills someone, the body almost instantly crumbles to dust.

For further weirdness, Ancestor can hork up a poison cloud, form it into the shape of a sword, and stab himself through the gut with it to mix it with his own blood (has done this). This creates a powerful, solid weapon forged of his poison, his blood, and his qi.

...I don't think this beats the immediacy of 'limb melting poison stare' though, even if it is pretty darned versatile. ^_^