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    Default Thoughts on Pak's first issue?

    It's bringing the series closer to ESB, even using part of the title crawl and ESB's opening with a star destroyer deploying probes.

    However, the story mainly has the group split off on diversionary maneuvers, all of which kind of go off-script...and Han has a romantic rival with the new Dar Champion character. The art seems pretty good, captures the actor's likenesses but doesn't seem to be lifted/traced directly from the film frames like a lot of the past year or so of issues. Also Threepio and Chewie encounter some rock people, which I can't help but wonder if it's that's an intentional meta reference to Pak's other famous work.... Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    It came off as feeling a little too safe to me, it's the regular gang doing their regular thing...which,Planet Hulk aside, is kinda Pak's shtick; he's a solid fill in who keeps the status quo going.

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