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I find it interesting that now people think of Spider-Man as being about a young high school kid who gets super-powers and the conflct between his life as a kid and his life as a super-hero. It always seemed to me that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko brushed past that part of Peter Parker's life and he grew up in a hurry. He might have been in his late teens or early twenties, but he was certainly a man and his powers made him an adult all the time. Now, it's like those few stories about Peter as an awkward high school kid are the feature.
Peter was certainly a high school kid when he originally debuted, but he graduated high school by the end of the Sixties and was a college graduate by the late Seventies and his popularity only increased from there. Which is why the "Tim Drake has to stay 16-18" argument irritates me because Spidey proved decades ago (as did Dick FWIW) that with good writing this is not the case (and bad writing never helps).