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    Quote Originally Posted by Aahz View Post
    Btw. I don't have much of a problem with characters not ageing or characters aging slower than the time progresses in universe, but what really annoys me is when characters age a different rates.

    Stuff like Damian going from beeing suddenly 3 years younger than Tim instead of 6-7 years younger, James Gorden Jr., who should be roughly 12-13 younger than Barbara), suddenly being almost her age.
    I tend to agree. Don't get wrong, I enjoyed characters growing up. Doing so slowly is fantastic. But not doing so at all, and just remaining static is still acceptable. But aging at different rates is just screwing with continuity. Especially when the characters interact a lot. Now yesterday's stories and today's stories don't make sense if you read them both. I sort of tolerate if back in the old stoires (Supergirl aging much faster than Robin and Speedy, etc.), because they are old, and I don't expect continuity out of them. But from the '70s on, it's irritating.

    And don't get me started on de-aging them. I'm not just talking about reboots there, either, but just general stories. Gar, Raven, Dick, Kara, Vanessa Kapatelis, etc. - it's hit a lot of them from time to time.
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