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    hi everyone, i'm newbie on this community
    is anybody interesting in batman who laugh?
    i really want to raed it on full version but still cant find out a thailand version of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrygordon30 View Post
    hi everyone, i'm newbie on this community
    is anybody interesting in batman who laugh?
    i really want to raed it on full version but still cant find out a thailand version of it

    Hello and welcome.

    If you're a new Batman reader don't start with "Batman who laughs".
    I didn't hear much good about this story and it is a follow up to the event "Dark Knight: Metal" that you should read first.

    If you don't find the book you want on Amazon, it means it doesn't exist or it isn't published anymore.
    All the comics that don't exist in French or in an edition that pleases me, I get the US version by Amazon.
    Also, if you don't mind reading on a screen, you can get the online DC subsciption.


    And if you're a newbie on Batman, here is my usual speach:

    In the 30's were publish 2 comics (among others): Action Comics and Detective Comics. Both were from the same publisher.
    In 1938 came a story about Superman in Action Comics. In 1939 came a story about Batman in Detective Comics.

    Their popularity were so that those heroes re-appeared again and again in those comics. Until they became the main and sole heroes of these comic books.
    They were so popular that they even got their own comic book. Without leaving Action Comics and Detective Comics.

    Batman and Superman were so revolutionnary at the time and had such an inpact on comics that 1938 is considered the start of the Golden age of Comics.
    They so so popular that the publisher even changed his name to "DC Comics" - "DC" standing for Detective Comics.

    Comics became more and more popular, especially amongs the young ones.
    The perfect american society of the 50's worried for their children and the bad influence those comics might have on them.
    A Comics Code Authority was created and they came up with the Comics Code.

    Around 1956, all comics had to have the Comics Code Authority Approuved seal.
    This forced some the editors to rework their line of comics and soften everything.
    1956 is considered the start of the Silver Age of Comics.

    On DC's side, all their heroes had a lifting in the 50's.
    Some heroes completly changed surch as Falsh or Green Lantern.

    In the 70's, society had evolved a bit and the Comics Code had to be adjusted.
    Stories started to become darker. The 70's is the begining of the Bronze age of Comics.

    The Comics Code was totally abandonned in the mid 80's. This is the start of the Modern age of comics.
    DC used this disapearance, as an opportunity to clarify all its univers with their 1st big event: Crisis On Inifinit Earths (COIE) in 1985.


    So the moder age is ongoing since 1958. But to revive their universes, publisher so often publish "events".
    Those events imply all their heroes. And sometimes leading to reboots for some or all heroes.

    Here are DC's main events:

    1985 - Crisis on Infinit Earths (COIE) - start of the Modern Age
    1986 - DC: Legends - follow up to COEI and modern creation of the Justice League and Suicid Squad
    1994 - Zero Hour: Crisis in Time
    2004 - Identity Crisis - somewhat a prequel to Infinit Crisis
    2005 - Infinite Crisis
    ???? - 52 - tells about the gap year after Infinit Crisis (but good to read after Final Crisis)
    2008 - 7 Solders + Final Crisis - must have read Infinit Crisis Before
    2009 - Blackest Night - Event linked to the Green Lanterns - Included in the Green Lantern by Geoff Johns omnibus
    2010 - Brightest Day - Consequence of Blackest Night
    2011 - Flashpoint - Flash disrupts time - every hero are rebooted as the New52
    2013 - Trinity War + Justice League of America New52 - prequel to Forever Evil
    2014 - Forever Evil + Forever Heroes
    2015 - Darkseid War - more or less a sequel to Forever Evil
    2016 - DC Univers Rebirth - another small reboot - good to know The Watchmen
    2017 - Batman/The Flash: The Button - optional follow-up to DC Univers Rebirth
    2019 - Doomsday Clock - Conclusion to DC Univers Rebirth
    2019 - Batman: Metal + No Justice

    Here is my Batman main stories timeline:

    1. Batman by Neil Adams
    2. Batman by Steve Englehart : Batman: Strange Apparitions + Batman: Dark Detective
    3. Batman by Neil Gaiman : Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

    MORDER AGE - the first years
    1. Batman: Year one - Origin story by Frank Miller
    2. Joker: The Man Who Laughs by Ed Brubaker
    3. Batman and the Mad Monk + Batman and the Monster Men - Batman by Matt Wagner
    4. Batman: Prey + Batman: Terror by Dough Moench
    5. Arkham Asylum: A serious house on a serious earth - The Joker by Grant Morrison
    6. Batman: A Long Halloween + Batman: Dark Victory - Two-Face saga by Jeff Loeb
    7. Robin: Year one + Batgirl: Year one
    8. Batman: A death in the Familly + Batman: A Lonely Place Of Dying - Stories of Robin II & III
    9. Batman: Birth of The Demon + Batman: Son of The Demon - The Ra's Al Ghul saga
    10. The Killing Joke - The Joker by Alan Moore

    MODERN AGE - the end of Gotham - Chuck Dixon's run
    1. Sword of Azrael + Knightfall (new omnibus) + Batman: Prodigal - The Infamous Bane saga
    2. Contagion + Legacy
    3. Batman: Cataclysme - prequel to No man's land but skipable
    4. No Man's Land (new omnibus)

    MODERN AGE - the new Gotham - Greg Rucka's run - sequel to No Man's Land
    1. New Gotham
    2. Gotham Central - parralel story by Ed Brubaker
    3. Bruce Wayne Muderer + Bruce Wayne Fugitive

    MODERN AGE - the Hush saga
    1. Batman: Hush by Jeff Loeb and Jim Lee
    2. Batman Heart of Hush + Streets of Gotham: Hush Money + Streets of Gotham: House of Hush - part of Paul Dini's run

    MODERN AGE - comebacks
    1. Batman: Under the Red Hood
    2. The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul
    3. Batman & Son - start of Grant Morrison's run
    4. Batman: R.I.P.

    MODER AGE - Batman against time - continuation of Grant Morrison's run
    Batman is sent back into time in Final Crisis
    1. Batman: Batle for the cowl
    2. Batman and Robin: Batman reborn
    3. The Return of Bruce Wayne

    MODERN AGE - pre-New52
    1. Batman Incorporated - end of Morrison's run - second part branded New52
    2. Batman: The Black Mirror - first story by Scott Snyder
    3. Batman: Gates of Gotham

    AGE MODERNE - Other stories
    • Joker by Brian Azzarello
    • Batman: Mad Love - 1st Harley Quinn story
    • Two-Face: Jekyll & Hyde
    • Penguin: Pain and Prejudice
    • Batman: Cycle of Violence

    AGE MODERNE - New52
    1. Batman: Night of Owls Saga - start of Scott Snyder's run
    2. Batman & Robin New52 - sequel of Batman Inc.
    3. Batman: Eternal + Batman & Robin: Eternal
    4. Detective Comics: Emperor Penguin
    5. Batman: Death of The Family + Batman: Endgame - continuation of Snyder's run
    6. Batman: Zero Year - new origin story by Scott Snyder

    MODERN AGE - Rebirth
    1. Batman: I am Gotham + Batman: I am Suicide + Batman: I am Bane - start of Tom King's run
    2. Detective Comics: Rise of the Batmen + Detective Comics: The Victim Syndicate + Detective Comics: League of Shadows - start of Jame Tynion IV's run
    3. Batman: The War of Jokes and Riddles - by Tom King
    4. Batman: The Rules of Engagement + Batman: Bride or Burglar + Batman: The Wedding + Batman: Cold Days - the wedding by Tom King
    5. Detective Comics: Deus Ex Machina + Detective Comics: A Lonely Place of Living + Detective Comics: Fall of the Batmen - end of James Tynion's run
    6. Batman: The Tyrant Wing - follow-up to the "I am" trilogy
    7. Dark Knight Metal

    BATMAN KIDS - linked to the 90's animated series
    1. Batman Adventures
    2. Batman & Robin Aventures
    3. Gotham Girls
    4. Gotham Adventures
    5. Batman Adventures vol.2
    6. Batman & les Tortues Ninja Aventures

    • The Dark Kngith Returns by Frank Miller
    • Batman: Year 100 by Paul Pope
    • Tales of the Multiverse: Batman Vampire by Dough Moench
    • Li'l Gotham by Dustin Nguyen
    • The Doom that Came to Gotham + Gotham by Gaslight - by Mike Mignolia (Hellboy)
    • Batman: Earth-one - alternate origins by Geoff Johns
    • Batman: White Night by Sean Murphy
    • Batman / TMNT by James Tynion IV

    Have fun and welcome to the Batman Univers.

    If you don't know where to begin, read Batman: Hush first, not the best story but a good introduction of the univers.
    Then start at any section.
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